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Why “Twenty-Fingered Cooking?”

D: Last night I nearly chopped off one of my fingers attempting to slice a rock with a bread knife. Not one of my finer moments, I’ll admit, given the relative Mohs hardness number of the rock versus my finger. But, frankly, I do kindof stupid things like use my hands as cutting boards all the time while I’m cooking. And apparently, the threat of a trip to the ER to reattach one of my erroneously-lopped-off phalanges* isn’t enough to deter me from this, so we decided maybe the threat of having to rename the blog might be a little more compelling. So if the big title at the top of this page ever changes from “Twenty-Fingered Cooking” to “Nineteen-Fingered Cooking” (or lower), you’ll know what happened. I predict, however, that it will never go below ten, because K’s generally more intelligent with her fingers than I am.

* “Erroneously-Lopped-Off Phalanges” would be a great name for a rock band.

K:  It’s a silly name for a food blog, sure.  But the trouble with being passionate and excited about something is that you’re bound to take risks and do something a little daring once in a while.  The goal is to limit that to food, and not to health, but anyone who’s been in the kitchen long enough knows that somewhere along the way, something will get burnt or cut.  The true kitchen survivor, which I guess you could say D is, keeps going.

Who are you guys?

D: My name’s D. I’m a mathematician and computer scientist who likes art a lot. And if anybody tells you food isn’t art, well, they’re full of it. Actually, math and CS are art too. So really, I’m just an artist with diverse tastes.

K:  And my name’s K.  I love chocolate and science, and maybe one of these days I’ll finally figure out how to combine them in a gravity-defying way. But until then, I’ll do some of each, and a little extra in the kitchen too.

D: And in case you haven’t figured this out by now, things I write start with the letter ‘D’ and things K writes start with the letter ‘K’

Where did you learn to cook?

D: I learned everything I know from my mother. Well, most of everything. I picked some stuff up later.

K:  My first memory of cooking was at my grandparents’ house, where I would help my grandfather make Cream of Wheat on the stovetop for breakfast, and then help my grandma make chocolate chip cookies later that day to take home.  It wasn’t until my dad started to take over the cooking in our house (sometime around junior high or high school) that I really started to learn to love cooking.  Not that my mom didn’t cook well – she just felt that cooking was a necessary thing that had to get done.  My dad, on the other hand, loved to cook, and passed that on to me.  But you’ll hear more about his influence, as well as some other people who have influenced my cooking, along the way!

What do you post on this… blog?

D: If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that there’s a lot of random stuff here. We were a pretty active part of The Daring Kitchen for a while (and maybe we’ll start that up again). We had a lot of detailed recipes and commentary about food. Then the last two years of grad school hit (writing a dissertation is hard work, ya know?), and everything just feel by the wayside. Turns out maintaining a blog is hard work too. Anyways, one of the things I realized during the interim is that this blog is primarily a tool for me. Any enjoyment or satisfaction that other people get out of it is just a bonus; I want a place where I can go to find recipes that I’ve done and liked in the past, and a place I can go to plan for the future. So going forward (I have a PhD now, so I get to use stupid buzz-phrases with impunity), I’m probably not going to be posting long-form recipes and meal prep discussions and so forth as frequently. Instead, I plan to have a weekly “menu plan” post, so that you (and I) can know what we’re going to be eating during the next week (more on this here, along with maybe one or two recipes a week. We’ll see how it goes, though.

K: Anything I want. Because it’s my (our?) blog, and I’m (we’re?) awesome like that. My original hope with this blog was to challenge myself to make new and delicious things, and then to share those in whatever way is most appropriate. Also, can I just mention how fantastic the idea of a menu plan would be in our household? (In other words, this is going to be an exciting new adventure for us all!)

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  1. To K: One of my memories of your baking was every year, about a week before Christmas when you were home from school, your dad would take a day off work. The two of you would set up a crock pot first thing in the morning with (usually) potato soup for dinner later that evening. Then the baking would start! Plates and plates of freshly baked cookies, bars, candy, etc. would start appearing on the dining room table and continue all day long. A dessert feast that would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

  2. Greetings, K & D –

    Your mom introduced us to this last week – funny stuff! Hearing about all this cake stuff makes me reminiscent of the pi plate and other accoutrement of your old homestead. Will look forward to hearing and seeing more later!


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