Menu Plan – Aug 18, 2014

It totally counts as menu planning if we do it when the week is mostly over, right? I also have a few pictures from past meals that I want to post up. Maybe that’ll happen this weekend. Anyways, here’s our menu plan:

  1. The Best Tortilla Soup Ever. I still stand by my original assertion — this is the best tortilla soup ever, and it’s super. Just make sure you include the guac. Also it makes a bucketful, so we’ll have this for leftovers one night.
  2. Pasta. Yea, boring, whatever. We were in a rush and had some pasta sauce to use up.
  3. French Toast. For some reason K hates breakfast for dinner, except when she requests it out of the blue.
  4. Tamales. These are freakin’ delicious, and so healthy you won’t believe it. You will burn calories eating these tamales. Not even joking. Oh, I guess I’m joking. Also they’re a lot of work.

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